This item valid for ages: 8 through 99.998
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$ 699.00


Prime conditions Monday through Friday with the Weekday Pass valid from opening until 4 pm. The Weekday season pass is a photo pass that allows the pass holder, ages 8 and older, direct access to the slopes.

On or before October 1, of current season, a refund, in like manner, may be issued for any reason, minus a $50 service charge. A written request must be submitted to the Administrative Office by October 1st.

Beginning October 2nd, a Gift Card credit for the unused value of the season pass may be issued for a serious medical condition, out-of-region job relocation, or military service enlistment which prevents the pass holder from utilizing the pass for the remainder of the season. The amount of the Gift Card credit is prorated based on a predetermined schedule. Additional rules apply. Inquiries may be directed to (585) 374-1129.

Submissions must be received during the current operating season and no later than March 1st. Approval based on the fulfillment of certain criteria.

Please call us at (585) 374-6000 for assistance with your online purchase.

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