$ 635.00


Share twelve 4-hour lift tickets with family and friends any day during the operating season at the best savings. Upgrade to an 8-hour lift ticket by paying $4 at the time of redemption. The 1200 Vertical Card includes one half-price weekday, night, or non-holiday lift ticket at Holiday Valley.

Cards are valid during the current operating season and will expire after the close of the season. Cards are mailed prior to the start of the operating season and within 5-7 business days from the date of purchase during the operating season. Please call Guest Services at (585) 374-6000 to inquire, if not received in a timely manner. The 1200 Vertical Card is not sold after December 31st.

Report a lost card to the Guest Services Office. Replacement cost is $25.

The unauthorized sale of cards or lift tickets redeemed from cards on Bristol Mountain property is prohibited. Violation will lead to card forfeiture and revocation of skiing privileges.

Refunds are not issued for unused cards.

Please call us at (585) 374-6000 for assistance with your online purchase.

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